Having lived and worked in Frankfurt/Main, Heidelberg and Mannheim, nd_baumecker eventually moved to Berlin in 2004,
leaving lasting traces at every of his stations. He started djing in 1991 in a bar called ,,Romantica" in Frankfurt's area around the
main station. It was run by Hans Romanov who later operated other venues like the Intimbar, where ND played as well. That's
where Ata and Heiko M/S/O from Playhouse started noticing him. Soon after they hired him as a shop assistant for their record
store Delirium and offered him a residency at their seminal WildPitchClub at the Club Nachtleben.

Stylistically, ND never limited himself to only one sub genre. Instead, he constantly looked out for new ways of expressing
himself. ,,A well known ballet choreographer once said: ,Surprise is important.' I think this approach fits my style best. I'm
oscillating between Disco, House, Techno, Electro, Minimal and Maximal. I'm always open to anything between the brute and the
tender. The dance floor is a field for experiments. If you manage to get the crowd, you can almost do anything with them." Even
more so, if it's as well presented as by ND.

His mixing is among the best you will ever hear in a club and brings together completely different tracks in a surprisingly
conclusive way. After Baumecker played at every club in Frankfurt regularly (Box, XS, Music Hall, Dorian Grey...), he moved to
Heidelberg, where he started promoting a club night at HD800 together with Dirk Mantei aka D-Man. After a short stop in
Mannheim, ND finally came to Berlin in 2004, where he not only continued to run his excellent label Freundinnen (releases by
Isolee, Snax, Lopazz, Ruede Hagelstein or Motivi:Tuntematon), but also picked up a residency at Panorama Bar.

,,Anything that somehow manages to sound ,new' really gives me a kick. It's really hard to describe. Dance music should have a
good portion of Funk and for me it always needs to sound like Disco, be it minimal or maximal. I tend to describe my music as
being ,maximal'. I like vocals a lot. In my opinion they are the most important and significant bits you're taking home after a good
night out, because they're simply very memorable. That's why I don't have a problem with saying that I like a label like DFA a lot,
for example."


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