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Nancy Starr has spent years fine-tuning her musical formula, in a way only she knows how; jet-setting around the globe and feeling the vibe at prestigious venues, dispensing musical epiphanies wherever she plays. Born in Bristol, PA and lived in Elizabeth NJ her musical career began at the age of 12 when she received her first musical instrument, a piano organ. Later that year she learned to play guitar and by the age of 13 she played drums, piano, trombone, xylophone, clarinet and bass clarinet by ear.

In her senior year of high school she was attending a dual-enrollment program with Miami-Dade Community College, where she became involved with their "parking-lot radio station" editing and producing promos and intros for the radio shows on rotation. This further inspired her desire to learn more about the music industry.

In 1998, she joined the sound engineering program at M-DCC, and produced demos for various bands, including 2 songs of her own.

She attended Florida International University in the Summer of 1999 and quickly became involved with WRGP 88.1FM, the Radio Golden Panthers.

She was given a time slot for her own radio show, but because of her vast knowledge and ability to learn things quickly, she was given 2 co-hosts and her own specialty show.

Today Nancy Starr has evolved in to a world renowned Global DJ. Her music is featured on iTunes and her mixes include the latest sounds in electronic dance music of new and upcoming artists from around the world. Her radio show, Ego Trip, started off on and broadcasted on over 40 international radio stations with live stream on iTunes Radio and Nokia Radio World Wide. She then started a new show called Alter Ego, which aired Friday nights on (Overdrive Underground) and was also simulcasted on Vivo La Radio (Argentina) and She currently has a weekly two-hour global radio broadcast (Ego Trip) Thursday nights at 11:00PM EST, and a one-hour special edition of Ego Trip Every Tuesday from 1-2 PM EST, on - the Second Coming of Sound. She has been featured on Kaeno’s The Vanishing Point and broadcasted globally on SIRIUS XM Radio, DI.FM and

Nancy Starr’s musical sets have the ability to change perspectives and open up minds. Her creations influence others and leave a mark behind. The remaining days of the week, she is in full production at her studio, in Miami, Florida.

Simply unstoppable, 2012 is bringing a new freshness, and an energy that is Totally, and uniquely, Nancy Starr.


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