Mykki Blanco

Electronic, Rap / Hip-Hop

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Michael Quattlebaum, aka Mykki White, is one of the last surprises he has given us renewed rap and r n b. Queer called rap heads (developed in the city of New York, in the wake of the movement Ballroom) in which homosexuality plays much exaggerated and ambiguity in its aesthetics and his rhymes. After songs like Join My Militia has come his coming-out as a mixtape, entitled Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss, and which features productions Brenmar, Sinden and Flosstradamus or songs like Haze.Boogie.Life and Wavvy. Arrives for the first time a live Spain that are not used here, and in which many surprises and energy, because, as he says: I play rave hip hop with a punk attitude.

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