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Famous for his tough trance sound, Christopher Lawrence joins forces with his wife Sara for a new DJ side project 'Mr & Mrs Smith'.

The pair, who have worked together behind the scenes for fifteen years have brought their joint efforts into the public eye with this new DJ duo which has burst into the West Coast electro house scene in 2012.

Christopher laughs "I've been noticing there's a lot of DJs working in pairs lately. I've often thought it would be nice to have a wingman up there, although in this case, it's actually a wingwoman. I don't know of any other mixed sex DJ duos, let alone any husband and wife teams, so I think we're definitely breaking some new ground here".
Christopher continues "Mr & Mrs Smith' is an opportunity for me to play music that I couldn't normally incorporate into my trance sets. It's been inspiring for me to play a new sound and exciting to work with my wife, who is a dance music veteran in her own right. Our sound is on the progressive electro and techno tip, miles from what I play in my regular sets. But it's still tough, in fact Sara probably plays tougher than most male DJs out there. I've been telling people "if you are hoping to hear trance from Mr & Mrs Smith, you should probably stay at home".

"Mr Smith" (AKA Christopher Lawrence) needs no introduction. One of the World's leading dance music talents, Christopher has received numerous awards and accolades. A recent recipient of DJ Times "Best American DJ" award, Christopher has also won "Best American DJ” at the IDMA’s, plus "Best DJ" at both the Dancestar US Awards and Los Angeles Music Awards. He has additionally been nominated in Dancestar UK Awards, DJ Awards, International Trance Awards and Global DJ Mix Awards to name a few. Christopher has also graced the covers of countless magazines, newspapers and publications worldwide, as well as headlining the worlds biggest superclubs and festivals.

"Mrs Smith" "Mrs Smith" (AKA Sara Finlayson) is a dance music veteran. She worked in the nightclub industry in Australia before moving to London to work at Tower Records dance department. Active in the London rave scene in the early nineties, she moved to Los Angeles, where she met "Mr Smith" (AKA Christopher Lawrence, a struggling bedroom DJ) and they were married shortly after. Continuing her career in dance music, Sara worked for several years for German techno star Sven Vath at the LA office of his labels Eye Q Music / Harthouse before becoming the Los Angeles editor of the prestigious electronic music mag XLR8R, as well as contributing to magazines including the UK’s Muzik and DJ Mag. During this time, Sara also produced music with Dave Aude under the moniker Mile High for Moonshine Music. It was also in the late nineties that Sara formed Monster Media, a management and PR company specializing in dance music, under which she managed the careers of artists including husband Christopher Lawrence, a position she continues to this day. A familiar face backstage in the dance music industry, Sara brings her tough attitude out of the shadows and into the DJ booth with 'Mr + Mrs Smith'.

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