Mikmonk is a duo of Spanish DJs & Producers from Barcelona formed by Fernando Monje and Miki Monras, two young professional motorsport drivers of 19 and 20 years old, who both share a passion for music as for cars.

Both started in the music world at the young age of 14 separately, but always sharing experiences. Finally after several years and seeing that their qualities in the world of music were remarkables Miki and Fernando in 2012 decided to get together to create something new, something to tick the difference and above all, to make dance and enjoy the people, a duo called Mikmonk.

Mikmonk is not about a genre, it's about the energy given off by their music and their performance. But their style is nowadays called Big Room and it's based on Progressive House and Electro with slight touches of Tech House, and always providing a personal and creative touch with their own productions and edits.



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