Mikel Curcio


Internationally recognized House Music DJ and Producer,MIKEL CURCIO, has been dedicated to his craft for over a decade. His loveaffair with House began in 1995 when he heard Josh Wink’s “Don’t Laugh” at aparty in his hometown of Oakville, Ontario, Canada and the beat went straightinto his core. Since then, the genre has taken him on a journey beginning inhis hometown, onward to the main stage at clubs, festivals, and concertsacross Canada, the Americas and Europe.

Starting with humble beginnings, spending hours experimenting with two used CDplayers and a borrowed mixer, MIKEL CURCIO quickly discovered his aptitude forblending vocals over House tracks, which he says is mainly responsible for hissignature production sound. His music first caught the attention of the ownerof CP recordings who also owned the world’s first digital download site E.D.M.As expected, his first song “Losing My Mind” feat. Susana, shot straight intothe Top 10.

After his success on E.D.M. MIKEL CURCIO was intent on starting his own recordlabel, and in 2005 launched LONDON MUSIC. After 12 strong releases, MIKELCURCIO realized he had more material than he knew what to do with, so, in 2006,he launched WHITE RECORDINGS as a sister label to LONDON MUSIC. To date, MIKELCURCIO has over 70 original releases on Beatport.

2009 will see MIKEL CURCIO taking his music to the next evolutionary level.Along with a solid release and tour schedule, MIKEL CURCIO has teamed up withfellow Toronto natives ADAM K and CRAIG PETTIGREW to form TTC RECORDS; a labelfocused directly on producing dance floor Techno anthems.

Fans and fellow DJs and Producers alike are still craving the unique sound thatMIKEL CURCIO delivers and can look forward to his upcoming releases under bothLondon Music and TTC.


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