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Mike Mccarthy


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The electronic genre of music has been part of the musicscene for more than 30 years. Each of its style evolves along the same path;that of evolution, awakening, sharing. That genre, in each of its styles,carries in it a story, a conscience, and overflows onto our path to broaden ourhorizons. It is a vital lead, a main door into a self-awareness trip towards auniversal conscience. Its mission: to propel us towards a world of truth, aworld of creation driven by good will for people of good will.

DJ Mike McCarthy is an artist whose willpower hasestablished him as a messenger of Trance and House music genres. His mastery ofthe art of handling the mixing console is evident in his musical choices, inthe aroma of his energy, and in the harmony of his musical melodies. Thisharmony brings a truth to life, to the dance movements shared by thousands ofus.

Born in 1977 in Sept-Iles, a small town in the province ofQuebec, Canada, Michael McCarthy refined his musical tastes over the of years.As you are reading this, his interests veer more specifically towards UpliftingTrance,Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance and Progressive House.Each of these subcategories of the electronic genre, are characterized byenergetic and mesmerizing rhythms, but alsoby their very dynamic andinvigorating tempos.

Since November 2009 he has been a resident DJ on one of thelargest Trance-oriented Internet radio stations, Sense.FM. His show,titled Tranceptions, is broadcasted on the second and fourth Tuesday ofevery month.

In his constant search to further his musical evolution, DJMike McCarthy has been working in close collaboration with UnikProductions since the beginning of 2010. Several private and corporateevents have highlighted this collaboration.

His favorite artists include some of the biggest names onthe international scene, such as Simon Patterson, Armin Van Buuren, FerryCorsten, John O'Callaghan, Above & Beyond and Sean Tyas to name a few."I admire these great artists of electronic music who created their own identity,thanks to their exceptional musical production. They exert a real influence onme as a DJ and artist, and this is reflected deeply in my musical choices."

To DJ Mike McCarthy, each smile that his music elicits fromlisteners and dancers alike is a reward, a truly heartwarming experience. Hefeels the various atmospheres as the positive unity that he gathers by sharinghis love of music with his public. Words can barely explain how he feels aboutsuch experiences: "I love to make the listener climb to the highestemotional and sentimental state so that he can escape to a profound state ofbeing, not to avoid reality, but rather to live an unforgettable moment ofecstasy."

This talented DJ carries in him a gift essential to ourevolution: Music! Moreover, he is exceptionally charismatic. His presence onstage is highlighted by his authentic and indomitable energy, which he sharesby enjoying the ecstasy of dancing with his crowd while plying his turntables.His inspiration is never-ending, in constant evolution.

Following his own path on the way to success, DJ MikeMcCarthy advances in leaps and bounds, and is becoming a force to be reckonedwith on the electronic music scene. From humble beginnings, but aiming for thetop, he is on his way to climbing each step one by one on the way to his ideal.Will you join him for the ride?


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