Perfecting the art of audio alchemy, Bay Area based DJ/producer Michael Anderson Lapp aka MiHKAL
is quite possibly one of the west coast’s best kept secrets. Notorious for his emotionally
charged, melodically driven, bass heavy mixes, remixes & live performances, he provides dancers
& listeners a sonic vehicle of transformation from which their own creative expressions can
emerge. Equipped with an ear for euphonic pleasure & the ability to seamlessly weave, poly-
tempo, multi-genre sound tapestries on the fly, MiHKAL can provide the soundtrack of the moment.

The intention he puts behind every show shines through, providing a personable unique experience
to every live performance. Since his debut in 2008, MiHKAL has been gaining wide recognition in
the EDM community …With no signs of slowing down in 2013, catch him elevating dance floors
opening for acts such as PantyRaid and Mimosa and gracing the stage of festivals such as
Symbiosis and Sonic Bloom. Pushing buttons & audio boundaries with sexy soundscapes, high energy
performances & unconditional bass love.


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