Micky Friedmann


Being exposed to Music & dance from a very young age made an important influence on his future career as DJ/producer. In 2005, Once ending his career as a professional dancer & choreographer, he started to peruse his skills as a DJ. What started as a hobby ´just for fun´, turned into an incredibly successful DJ career, which took off to a national & international level rapidly. The creative drive that led him from dancer to a choreographer, also paved the path from DJ to a producer. His tracks `Without Music´, `The message ´ with Sagi Kariv, & his own track ´Start to Party´ were three of the biggest hits of the circuit scene in the past 3 years. Micky remixed tracks for dance floor divas such as: Inaya Day, Rebeka Brown, Miz Mony, Jeany Tracy & Maya Simantov, and shared the booth with DJ´s such as Chus & Ceballos, Tony Moran, Peter Rauhofer, Chris Cox, Abel, Offer Nissim, Daddy´s Groove, the Freemasons, Edson Pried, Pagano, Juanjo Martin, Carlos Gallardo & Ivan Gomez. In the USA, Canada and in Europe Micky Friedmann has become one of most influential leading names in the Circuit party scene.


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