Michael Gracioppo


Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Michael Gracioppo's unique approach to his art comes down to two simple words; “Be Different.” Releasing his first record at 19 years young on one of the industry's most acclaimed imprints, London's Cr2 Records, Michael's journey into sound started off with a bang. Following-up his first release with a remix for the Dutch deep house duo Homework's “Im Into This,” Gracioppo's work caught the eyes of main-stage artists such as John Digweed, Axel Boman, Nic Fanciulli, Agoria, Nick Curly, Boris Werner, KiNK & Brodinski who have since supported the young man in his quest to push the boundaries of creativity . A three track EP soon followed on the prestigious 8Bit Records cementing Gracioppo as an artist to watch in the underground electronic music community. A producer by trade, Michael also acts as a DJ, holding a residency at the legendary Stereo Afterhours, playing alongside international sensations such as Josh Wink, Stacey Pullen and Shlomi Aber.

When asked what his influences are, Michael gives a very originative and elaborate answer. “Look, I could be like everyone else and tell you the same cookie-cutter shit, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode & Kraftwerk, but that's not it at all. They’re all legends and I’m really grateful for what they contributed but to be honest, I was too young to be listening to all that growing up, sadly I missed the 90’s rave scene and the whole evolution of dance music into what it is now. My music comes from me, it comes from you, it comes from everything I see and every moment I live. Every single breath I take, every person I meet, it all influences my art. Some people categorize my stuff as deep house with a touch of Berlin, some would say Detroit Techno with a hint of old school Chicago jams, but that just proves my point. The music I make reflects how I’m feeling at any given moment and anything can happen. I don’t use a set pattern or fall into a specific genre, that stuff gets old. My music is me, and I hope you like it.”


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