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The Czech DJ Michael Burian is one of the best known artists on the modern music scene in his country. Michael is also well known beyond the borders of his country. At present he is one of the most sought after DJs in Central Europe, and you can hear his beats at events throughout Europe.

Michael began his career as a DJ at the age of 15, when he performed for the first time at a school party. Michael got into electronic music very quickly and decided to devote most of his time to music. He did not take his first musical steps only as a DJ but also as a producer and organiser of dance events. By doing this he opened the door to a wide field of musical activities. Afterwards he made a name for himself not just as an events promoter and a DJ (Elektromajk), but he also brought out several successful CD mixes (for example Nextera CD, Evolution Beat and CD Trancing – one of the most successful CDs according to TRIPMAG magazine).

Under the artistic pseudonym of “Electromajk”(ElectroMike), Michael successfully played concerts until 2001 and was awarded DJ of the year in 2001 at the Czech Dance Music Awards. He became an integral part of the largest events on the Czech modern music scene. Michael is also very well known beyond his home country because he plays at authoritative events in England, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

In 2001 “Electromajk” performed for the first time under his given name Michael Burian. Since then he has continued using this name.
Michael was never satisfied being “only” a DJ. From the very start he did his own production as well. He celebrated his first own production success with with the single Orgasmiczech, followed by the single Blow Me / Hotmale. This record became a club hit and was voted single of the year at the Czech Dance Awards 2002. The single achieved worldwide success and Michael received positive feedback from the press and from his colleagues.

In 2002, Michael was catapulted into the international league of modern music, when he was invited to the biggest festival “Creamfields” in England and in the Czech Republic too. His sets are so full of energy and passion that they secured him a booking at “Creamfields” years in advance. Michael hosted a Cream party at the globally known Mecca of clubs “Amnesia” in Ibiza.

In 2003 Michael released his album Tender Young Flesh, which was distributed worldwide by Intergroove.

The German division of Universal Music published Hotmale as a V.A. compilation.

2004 opened a new chapter in Michael’s career. He began a new project called “Visage” (from January 1st, 2004). Michael was not only a resident DJ but also functioned as the creator of “Visage Night”. “Visage” became such a successful project that the concept began to be presented in other clubs as well (for example at Fabric in Ostrava and at the legendary club Capitol in New Delhi, India).Every second weekend of the month Michael presented his music at the Prague club Roxy at Visage night in a focused manner and with great enthusiasm.

In 2005 Michael evoked more and more interest from his colleagues and promoters, which led to more frequent performances at top events throughout Europe. He also received an offer from Label Circle Music of Munchen, Germany, to record an EP with them. This was released to the world in June 2005 and included the tracks “Praha, River and Metro”. The German music magazine Raveline gave the EP “Praha” top marks.
This encouraged Michael to record a video for the “Praha” track, which was subsequently broadcast on the Czech music television channel Óčko, on the Polish music channel Viva, on the Czech Prima, on MTV India, RTL –Luxemburg and MTV South America.

His international performance and joint concerts at the Prague T-Mobile arena in front of 40,000 people, caught the attention of the music scene.

Even the world of fashion has been inspired by Michael’s music. The international fashion company “Diesel”, represented by its exclusive Czech distributor, asked Michael to produce the music for its fashion show in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. The Czech distributor of Diesel was so inspired by Michael’s sets that it asked him to play at fashions shows in 2005 and 2006 as well.

In 2005 Michael received several awards for his successful creations, including the Dance Award for the best DJ of the year in the Czech Republic for the second time.
Michael also received the Dance Award as a resident DJ on the best music radio program “Dance Extravaganza” on the Czech station Radio Evropa 2.
Michael’s successful set of “Visage” nights at the legendary Prague club Roxy brought him another Dance Award in the “best club event” category.

Because of these multiple successes, the demand for Michael’s music increased tremendously in 2005 and he started to play at various international destinations in Central America, India and throughout Europe. In November 2005 Michael completed his performances on a big East European tour with his colleague Tiesto.

Clearly, 2006 will be another important year for Michael’s career. In May he will organise a huge megaparty at the Prague T-Mobile arena called “Michael Burian and Friends”. Performing with Michael will be the international star and current number one in dance music Paul van Dyk, as well as other leading artists.

Michael will add two new parties to his resident nights. The first will be “Bohemian Night” at the famous Prague Duplex club, and the second at which Michael will perform, after a break of two years and because of great demand, will be a night at Roxy called “Zen”.

Michael is still contributing his regular column to the popular Czech music magazine “XMAG”.

Michael has other appointments certainly as a headliner at the following Open air festivals in 2006: Mácháč open air Festival, Creamfields-Poland, Loveparade-Berlin, Energy-Zürich and Streetparade Zürich, SpaceParade- Slovakia, Summer of Love CZ, Time Warp Praha etc.

Michael’s non-music activities include a campaign against communists in Bohemia. Important personalities from the Czech cultural scene share in this campaign. On the website www.antikomunismus.cz they are actively making an effort for more democracy in their country and inciting their countrymen to vote, which should decrease the electoral chances of the communists.


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