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More than ever, versatility pays. As the lines between musical styles continue to disappear, people are demanding more from what they listen to. Today a hit needs to have a little of everything in it, and in turn, hitmakers need to be capable of doing a little of everything. Versatility is one of many points that set the three-man production collective Miami Beat Wave a clear cut above their competition.

SLIGHT MODIFICATION & #B2B, compilations produced by Miami Beat Wave, features collaborations with artists such as Dead Prez, N.O.R.E. !MAYDAY!, Skyzoo, Guilty Simpson, Ghostwridah, Wrekonize, Itagui (Locos por Juana) and Artofficial. With that and work on Dj Efn’s project “Diggin In The Tapes” producing a track for Pitbull, Flor-Rida, Brisco, Garcia, the 305 Magazine/ awarding MBW as the “Producers Of The Year”, Miami Beat Wave is on the move this year!

One-man live band Chip Williams can single-handedly create masterful instrumental tracks complete with bass, guitar, keys, and drums. Chi-Town beatsmith St. LaRok can chop beats on drum machines with the best of them. Together with production jack-of-all-trades and leader Brandan Toledo, they can effortlessly fuse both approaches into a hybrid sound.

Students of music – literally – since way before they first met at Orlando’s Full Sail School of Music & Media Production, they can produce hard-boiled Hip Hop tracks like their work with Grammy-nominated rapper Omniscient, balls-out rock tunes such as “Guess You Forgot” with self-described ‘urban rocker’ David Correy, and radio ready pop stompers with the new Scotty Boi & Rick Ross single “So Fresh”.

Recently, MBW has started a EDM team of producers and deejays who have been bringing people to the dance floors performing at clubs around Miami with tracks like “Casualty of Love” and “In Your Rhythm”. On a International level, they linked up with the German producer team “Crushboys” to create new singles. On the benefit of this connection with the Germans, the first production In Your Rhythm feat. Miami Beat Wave resulted in a release of the debut single on Newpool Music and topping the DDC Top 40 Charts in Germany.

Apart from their stellar production credits, they’ve also made their bones recording and mixing a slew of projects from names like Dangerflow (Miami Heat’s Band), Dead Prez “Gangsta Grillz” and artist such as Talib Kweli and Skam2?. They also have ventured into video game music production, contributing their trademark sound to Hudson Entertainment/Gaijinworks’ new Nintendo DS title Miami Law. They take their inspiration from yesteryear’s jewels classic and obscure alike, the cream of today’s crop, and infuse it all into their interpretation of music’s future. Miami Beat Wave is nothing less than a one-stop shop for everything current in music.


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