Mia Lucci


She teases the heart and seduces the mind. And with an eclectic symphony of sounds, like every good artist, her palette is many hued. She paints together a mix of playful melodies, ambient supernovas and moody baselines on a canvas she describes as “contemplative strings of art”. Her sound, simple, yet elusive.

From a classical background, it wasn’t until a chance encounter that Mia fell in love with the altogether different pulsing electronic sounds of the dance scene. The underground tones of house eventually became her unrequited love, unmet in a hometown bereft of such depths.

Escaping the tyrannical establishment Mia flew to Ibiza and Berlin where her love affair with the underground continued to flourish.

Within her first year of living in Ibiza, Mia landed a residency on Salina’s beach. By her second year her residency crossed borders on Ibiza Global Radio where she was invited to host a weekly segment called “Signing In”. Now, in it’s 3rd year, Mia has taken this opportunity to help expose Australian talent across the globe by inviting local artists to perform guest mixes on her show. With this and the help of individuals from establishments such as Resident Advisor, Finely Tuned and Pulse Radio, her hometown Australia is slowly becoming recognized as an equally competitive market earning it a spot on the underground music scene map.

Mia’s rapid rise in the industry has also been by and large due to her long standing residency with DC10’s infamous night CIRCOLOCO (Aust), her experience in clubs [Katerholzig (Berlin), SPICE (Aust), Bar Americas (Mexico)], at festivals [Moche Ao Caloiro (Portugal), WMC (Miami), Future Music Festival & Stereosonic (Aust)] and with various recognized label nights [Rebel Rave & This & That Lab (Aust)].

When it comes to the studio, Mia plays with controllers and synths as if in the privacy of her own boudoir and this coquettish playfulness shows in her music. Pair this with a woman powerfully comfortable in her own skin, the result is electric, sophisticated, sexy and fun. Her first official release, on long-standing label, “Get Physical”. A collaboration with artist DJ T and vocalist Stee Downes.

The Future is looking bright for Mia and from what she tells us, it’s jam-packed. Working vigorously on a collection of tracks both independently and in collaboration with other artists, it is her intent to eventually release them as an album. We discussed her gigs at BPM next year, her plans for another tour of Mexico, another show at the Burning Man Festival and of course her intentions to return to the white island for another year as resident DJ for Ibiza Global. There have also been discussions around the possibility of Mia joining the line for some of her favorite nights on the island.

So when we asked Mia what she thought about all of this?

“I’m enjoying developing as an artist in the public eye. Its real, it’s full of hiccups, it’s risky and I like it.”

“Where will I be in 5 years from now? I have no idea! (Laughs)”

“But I’m not particularly interested in the future anyway, or worried so much about the past... I’m just enjoying what’s in front of me right now”.


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