Mi5an7hropia's love of music began at a young age when his mother would play him old Motown records. He fell in love with the soulful essence that the artists conveyed. Inspired by this, he later started his DJ career spinning that same vinyl collection passed down to him from his mother.

As a DJ back in 1994, he began spinning European Progressive House using the old Motown sounds as vocal transitions to perk up the ears of his crowds. Spinning this genre set him apart from the Philly scene at the time. He also played gigs in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and as far away as Montreal, but eventually left the music scene to pursue a career in Telecommunications.

After years of working his "real" job, Mi5 realized he was missing something and decided to get back into spinning again. Making the transition from vinyl to digital music, Mi5 now spins using a Pioneer DJM-2000, two CDJ-2000 and an RMX-1000. Working hard to adjust to the new age of EDM, Mi5 has been building and spinning sets he calls "ElecTranceGressive": his own term for the 128-132 BPM carnage he unleashes on the unsuspecting crowd. In 2013 he will make his presence known in Philadelphia, NYC, Seattle, and then eventually Vegas.

He's Following his Dream. Do you dare to Follow the Dream with him?


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