Mendetz is an electronic pop band founded in 2003 in Barcelona

formed by Stefano Maccarrone (vocals, guitar, synthesizers), Jan Martí (vocals, synthesizers), Oriol Francisco (bass) and Robert Gibiaqui (drums).

Mendetz is a group of friends with very similar musical tastes who enjoys experimenting with their sound and squeezing the most human side of electronics. They are defined as the robotic artisans.

Following its success in the underground "maquetero" in 2006 released their first album, Mendetz (Sinnamon Records), with which spent two years touring (over 100 shows) with huge critical acclaim (in Spanish and foreign press - "band of the day "in the Guardian) and the public, being present at major festivals (Summercase, Creamfields, BAM, Metrorock, Sonorama ...) and leaving the country to play in England, Italy and Mexico do tours paths.

In 2010 reissue their second album, Souvenir, hand MusicBus / Warner Music Spain, a disk deep, with nuances, layers, colors and textures, neon lights. An album mixed in Paris by Stèphane "Alf" Briat (Phoenix, Air, etc ...) that rescues the fluorescent vein-eighties disco but sincere tribute as a mature and thought out.

Now back with their third album, Silly Symphonies (Music Bus / Warner Music Spain, 2011), which is already for many their final work. An exercise in introspection electrified rock-oriented pop and glow that reveals the emotional side of the band.

Relying on the effect of the first idea. Hold to it and not get tired. That is the fundamental premise that has elevated the ten songs from "Silly symphonies".


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