Mekki Martin


Mekki Martin was born in the Czech Republic in 1989. At the age of eight years old, he gave up sport and took up music. When he was 14, he became a resident DJ at the legendary Tabarin Club in Brno, the Czech Republic, where he can still be seen playing sets as long as 12 hours. He’s been on the international stage since 2008, when his collaboration with the vocalist Terri B. resulted in a track and a video clip. In the past, he played for years with a violinist, a saxophonist and a drummer. Of the venues he’s played, Ibiza, Miami and festivals Creamfields, Mácháč, Beatpatrol and Hradhouse are venues he regards most highly. He has his own label, URecordings. His latest tracks have recently been published under the prestigious label Tiger Records. Other tracks worth mentioning are Kiss Me and Dark Light, which have also been released under Tiger Records and remixed by Federico Scavo. Kiss Me has been released on ten compilations and Dark Light is on Miami Weapons 2012.


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