Mehrbod lives in beautiful Orange County, California and is currently a resident at Chateaux, 8Eighty8 in Orange County, Playhouse in LA & 1015 San Francisco. He has shared the decks with likes of Eric Morello, Deep Dish, TV ROCK, John Dahlback, Above & Beyond, Bob Sinclair…just to name a few. He has been keeping busy in the studio with new productions and bootlegs that have been making their way around the electronic community. Check out Mehrbod’s website or for his latest remixes, bootlegs and original productions.

Mehrbod is a rising talent in the world of electronic music and has caught the ear of DJs and Producers around the world while setting up a solid fan base in California. He sets himself apart from the rest through his integration of sound and music from all over the world. His Cd's, remixes & productions send chills through the listeners, captivating them with his bag of trix that seems to never end. A conosseur of many styles, he puts on a great show having people jumpin and thumpin. Remember, you have been warned…Mehrbod’s music is going to make you fall in love with music all over again. Listen responsibly, and listen often…Mehrbod’s Hypertraxx Show is podcasted exclusively through once a month on iTUNES exclusively through


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