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With the current societal status quo having tolled all stretches of the industry from local to mega artists and the people who move and execute within it; Matt Enos and Enrique Negron operating under the alias MEEN have found that with commitment to craft fueled by the fast growing support from a burgeoning young and curious crowd, they’ve found the path to keeping creativity alive while also working to keep Orlando’s scene alive. Currently syndicated to House Keepers Records, a label and collective that has earned its place as a mainstay in Orlando’s nightlife culture, the duo continue to gain traction amassing an expanding following of national and international support. MEEN have carefully honed in on their sound and productions with signature sounds characterized by driving percussive rhythms and hypnotic synths and sampling. Their most buzzed releases Occult Rhythms on Percomaniacs, Balançou on elrow Music, and This High on CUFF have earned them praise throughout the community with 2021 proving to be a testament to the power of persistence and discipline.

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