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Natalia Sheppard (nee Scott) otherwise known as 'Tali' is accredited with being the most successful female MC in Drum N Bass of all time. With three DnB Awards, a solo album, numerous singles and guest vocals under her belt, Tali has performed all around the world with many of the scenes heavyweights.

Discovered by Roni Size back in 2001 whilst in Melbourne, Australia, Tali moved from New Zealand to the UK to sign to the legendary 'Full Cycle Records', and went onto write and record the first female MC album ever released in DnB - 'Lyric on My Lip' Full Cycle, 2004) with production from Roni Size, Krust, Clipz, DJ Die, and with featured vocals from Dynamite MC. As well as this Tali released 'Do you remember me?' and 'Inta Outa' with fellow Full Cycle member SUV.

Since then, Tali has gone on to MC and Record with other reputable names in DnB, such as Marky (Brazil), Ed Rush, Shimon, Shy FX, Goldie, Dillinja, Lynx, Marcus Intalex, Benny Page, Shimon, Camo & Krooked, Atlantic Connection (US), SS and Influx UK, Simon 'Bassline" Smith, LTJ Bukem, EZ Rollers, Dirtyphonics, Reid Speed and Shortee, (US) and Dope Amo to name but a few, as well as expanding into other genres, with featured vocals alongside The Freestylers, Stereotype, Martjin Ten Velden, and More Like Trees.

In 2010 Tali signed to Audioporn Records founded by former Ram legend Shimon, and 2011 sees the release of her second album 'Dark Days, High Nights' (Audioporn Records) featuring production from Shimon, Dirtyphonics, Benny Page, Skism, Lynx & Malibu Rhodes, Ed Rush, Noisses, Dodge and Fuski, SkiSm and guest vocals from DRS and Amari MC. Accompanying this as a double release, is Tali's live and acoustic version of the album, working alongside dance/folk outfit More Like Trees, and Composer Christoph Bauschinger.

Under her composer name of Rogue Nouveau, Natalia composed the musical score for 2011's political comedy musical 'Nicked' written by Richard Marsh and directed by Pia Furtado. A short 20 minute version which was originally shown at Theatre 503 in 2010, went on to be revised and extended through production company 'Hightide' for the Suffolk Theatre Festival 2011, where it received high praise from theatre critics. Tali's vocals have been used in Activision's hugely popular game - 'DJ HERO', and her music used in American Reality TV Show - 'Tough love' (Good Hood Review) and the Xtreme Sports channel, promoting skateboarding legend Rob Dyrdek's 'Fantasy Factory' (The Secret) Tali has written for online dance magazines ATM, Guestlist Network and Nu-Soul Magazine in the US.


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