Mason Rothert


One of the original co-founders of the electronic music collective - Thump Radio, Inc. out of San Francisco - Mason Rothert aka DJ Masonic has been spinning and producing radio shows since 1984. Starting out with the early sounds of Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure and New Order it was only a natural progression in the 90’s when the electronic sounds of house, techno and trance began to influence.

Moving from the East Coast to the West in 1997 to San Francisco – Mason quickly took hold of the chill out chambers of the early underground warehouse parties and began spinning the psychedelic Innerchill releases, Pork Recordings and many more down tempo gems. Part of the chill out duo for Thump Radio known as Masonic & Dob – he and the partners of Thump Radio would launch the weekly chill out party on Sunday nights at the old Backflip, at the Phoenix Hotel. This party ran for close to a year and was called “The Other Side” taken from the other side of the heavy sounds of Thump Radio as well as influenced by friends of Thump Radio – The Cocteau Twins.

From there, Mason was offered a residency in the Mission at Laszlo on Saturday nights spinning funky chunkiness with his good friend Kenni.

Thump Radio would begin to take up much more time when syndication began and chill out took a back seat for close to a year until good friend Dahi owner of ANU on 6th Street would invite him for a free beer a few weeks after they opened. While enjoying a brand new venue a mix was playing by a DJ called Sinukus (Stephen Wilson). Thanks to an introduction by Dahi; Masonic & Sinukus started their successful Friday weekly Happy Hour called “Thump Chill” that welcomed guests such as Jondi & Spesh, Garth, Didje Kelli, Felix The Dog, Jonathan Ojeda, Ben Doren, Kaya Project, Ambient Mafia and many more…

From the success of the weekly came a new opportunity – a weekly radio show with Alice 97.3 FM in San Francisco. Mason helped to create and launch the show successfully on Alice which still airs today. After parting ways with Alice, Mason moved to Los Angeles and has since started his own production company called MDR Productions. One of the company’s projects is a new weekly chill show known as Below Zero. This creation was started by Mason and he quickly looked to his friends for help such as Sinukus (Stephen Wilson), Didje Kelli, Jason Teplitsky of Blowfish Sushi. In a time when the world needs to be chilled out, the sounds Below Zero are now here every Sunday night on 92.7 FM (8pm – Midnight.)


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