Markus Binapfl Aka Big World


Markus’ musical career started as a drummer in the 90ies in L.A.. During the infamous Hollywood Hills parties he was more likely to be found at the turn tables than behind the drums. So naturally he combined DJing and drumming, still the trademark of his sets. His sense for music and experience as a drummer also makes him a great producer of extremely danceable house tracks.

Markus’ sets have a special energy. You can feel that Markus lives for the moment. Tiered of the LA lifestyle he went tornado chasing in the Midwest with the MESO (Multi-Community Environmental Storm Observatory). He made various borderline experiences while following the path of the most devastating storms. This experience also influenced him as an artist.

Markus went back to Germany at the turn of the century. As co owner of the famous Club "HALO" he brought House Music back to Hamburg. Attracted by the intensity of Berlin he recently moved his studio and private live to the German capital. But his international fan base still requests him all over the globe.


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