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Marko Nastic, is globally recognized by many as one the Top South Eastern Europe artist as producer & DJ performer.

Throughout the many years; of the annual “Exit Festival” in Serbia. Which is acclaimed as one of the largest festival in the world; Many have looked at Marko Nastic as the "Fatboy jr of the Dance Arena".

Marko Nastic is always recognized worldwide for his production and performance, But to Serbia and to the world he is proclaimed as one of the legendary music revolutionist to lead the youth in the uprising in Balkan Conflict in Serbia the 90's.

Through electronic music; Marko Nastic enabled millions to resist the dark forces of political atmosphere in Serbia. Through their belief in fighting through music for freedom and celebration of life with extreme free parties and raves known to this day as the urban legends that built Belgrade, Serbia in his teens.

Marko Nastic and friends accomplished and built one of the most vibrant club scenes and the legendary yearly "Exit Festival" in Eastern Europe and the World.

Producing and Performing music were always part of Marko Nastic’s background. His fascination with synthesizers, drum machines and other sound making instrument or gadget he could get his hands on began the art of beginning of the Marko Nastic Legacy

His distinctive three-deck style in his early years labeled him as the teenage techno prodigy. This channeled into the first performance group DJ group called "Teenage Techno Punks" at the age of 16. With Marko Nastic’s influence and tacit knowledge of music at the time, Teenage Techno Punks became a legendary part of the South Eastern Club scene in the early 90's.

Marko Nastic production career started as a member of the original Recycled Loops crew. Marko Nastic was then invited to join by Valentino Kanzyani "Jesus Loved you" label and from a legendary producer and performer was made in Serbia for the world to adorn!

What has escalated Marko Nastic to the top of the charts on many billboard charts is his productions on his labels “Recon Warriors” , “Recon Light” and his long awaited new label “Traffica”.

His Globally Recognized Radio Show "Music For a body and Soul is syndicated on Broadcast FM in Serbia.USA.Netherlands and South America, and is on many globally recognized internet radio stations.