Marino Canal


Marino grew up in an art-rooted family, where music was always present. Since a young age, the works of Brian Eno and Philip Glass were played before bedtime. At age 9 Marino started taking piano and classical notation lessons, whilst being shown a new instrument by his father, the turntables. In his early teens, technology exploded and he got involved with computers; diving into the obscure sides of software, discovering new ways to interact and compose.

After finishing his Sound Engineering studies in the U.S., he moved to Berlin in search of like-minded individuals to connect with. Berlin served as a hub for him to shape his sound and passion. His first hand experience with the electronic music and contemporary art scene reprogrammed his creative approach. Marino’s productions are infused with organic textures, hypnotism and melancholy. His sound comes from a rare combination of experimental software and an out of the box production style.


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