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Comprised of producers/DJs Taylor Scott and Paul Ollinger, Mantis was formed in early 2011. Shortly after releasing their first track, ‘Feast’, Mantis began gaining speed and notoriety in Atlanta and surrounding areas. After only a few months of producing, they were releasing original tracks on Play Me, Heavy Artillery, and BroTown Records while making a name for themselves outside of Georgia and even the country. Mantis’ very first EP, ‘All Worlds’, hit number #10 on Beatport dubstep releases in the first couple days, setting a standard for their future releases. Since then, Mantis’ tunes have been receiving support from the likes of Liquid Stranger, Downlink, Figure, Cyberoptics, Diesel, Genetix, Persist, and many more. Known for throwing down a live show with unmatched energy and aggression and only the heaviest of the heaviest bass music, Mantis has begun building a reputation for being some of the “dirtiest” new producers in the scene. Only time will tell what comes next from these guys... straight from the A.

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