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Born in august 1974 under the sign of theLeo ascendant Sagittarius cant live without music, ladies and smoked chickenManoo began his carreer in 1995 in Lyon .His musical culture at this timeincluded a wide range of styles: Hip-hop(De la soul ,A Tribe calledQuest),Afro-beat (Fela Kuti, high life music..)and more specifically Housemusic. He built himself a strong reputation as a Dj ,and more precisely for hiscapacity to dig out hot and exclusive tracks. In 1996 he became resident of theAmbassade known in France for having amazing sets and regularly hosted famousDJs. Thats how Manoo got the opportunity to heat the crowd for stars such as:David Morales; Kerri Chandler ;Todd Terry; Little Louie Vega; Dimitri fromParis; Dj Deep ;Saint Germain Thanks to his passionate and burning sets ,hegained week after week a larger and devoted following.

As a dj , Manoo is undoubtedly one of thegreatest talent and a rising star of the French House community. In 2001,hemade his first attempt as a producer. He started the Rodamaal project with hisfriends Alex and Rocco. Their first release love island on Jazz-up recordsobtained the press and Djs approval. This furthered their reputation and ledBen Watt -Everything but the girl , who is now a Dj and a label manager-to signthem on his own label BuzzinFly records. So they released the track MusicaFeliz Rodamaal feat Nicinha on the English label. Manoo also made his solodebut on the same label the weeks after. In 2003 Manoo worked with Allenanother Dj in Lyon. This first co-production proved to be a success too.Recognizing his talent Dj Deep managed to expose commercially the track Thegood reason .This co-production released on the excellent Parisian labelBasenotic was played for months by DJs like Deep of course ,Laurent Garnier,Little Louie Vega , Dj Grégory , Llorca , David Duriez and many more 2004-2005were also busy years including a co-production for Buzzin Fly records with afriend: Manoo & Francois A (6 in the morning & New life),a 4-tracks onDj Deeps Label(Deeply rooted house records)..a new Rodamaal Remix for severalartists and the outline of his solo album. Manoo:I was made for house music andmusic is my house.Mymotto is dance or die,when I see people standing still during my sets I feellike beat the shit out of them!


Sir james "baby"- Private partyvol1 compilation universal

Rodamaal "Love Island" - Jazz-uprecords

Allen & Manoo " Good reason"- Basenotic records

Rodamaal Feat Nicinha" Musica Feliz" -Buzzin fly records

Manoo & Francois A " 6 in themornin " - Buzzin fly records

Manoo " the ep " -Deeplyrootedhouse records

Unity " i love u" manoo &francois A remix - Buzzin fly records

Subjekt "step back" manoo &francois A remix - Freerange records

Rodamaal "insomnia"- Buzzin flyrecords

Manoo & Francois A " traffic ep" - Buzzin fly records

Manoo " the roots ep " - Realtonerecords

Manoo "oh yes "-Deeplyrootedhouse records

Kayot " clear sky " manoo &francois A remix - Buzzin fly records

Manoo " kodjo " -Deeplyrootedhouse records

Manoo " agoè ep "- Earthrumentalmusic

Dennis Ferrer " church lady "rodamaal remix - Defected records

Guy J " Agent Blue " Rodamaalremix - Azuli records

Manoo & Francois A " magnetic ep" - Buzzin fly records

Manoo " joparish " -Deeplyrootedhouse records

Justin Martin " nightowl " manoo& francois A remix - Buzzin fly records

Osunlade feat divine essence "myreflection " manoo stella remix

Manoo " this is a test ep "-Earthrumental music

Manoo " Abyss Ep " -Deeplyrootedhouse records

Jacob Soubeiga " Da na ma " manooremix-Offering records

Mzee " Mahuwelele " manoo rmx -Ocha records

Josh Wink " Don't laugh " manooremix - Nervous records

SumSuch Featuring Rosko - Latenite Bypass(Manoo Remix)- C2R

Manoo & Francois A " Today isTomorrow ep "- Buzzin fly records

Sister Pearl " Bang the drum " manoo remix - Tribesrecords

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