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Here are some of the things that a fan should know about ‘’Mann’’. Well I had a chance to sit down with the very talented Rap artist for an interview. Here are some of the things I gathered from the interview from his mouth to your eyes. Enjoy!

MANN was born at a time where Hip Hop was born and made the choice to be a part of Rap most realest lyrical geniuses delivering the illest form of expression, while rhyming to a beat. MANN made his entrance in music at the age of thirteen. By the age sixteen, MANN would be known lyrically as "METRO". He scrapped up all the money he could to produce his first tape called: ‘The Victim’, which was never released due to not having the full knowledge of the rap game. But when he discovered that he could grab a crowd with the words he rhymed, along with the beats he made himself. MANN soon joined a group called ‘Knights at the table. It was at that very moment that he would discover his third person (Madcidsadour) which became the umbrella and trademark for his self proclaimed company “Metro Wealth Inc”

Knights at the round table name soon changed to fit the personality of each member of the group (Pathic), Pathic consisted of nine members. Two cd’s was recorded with the nine member group Pathic, (Consequences) which was not released due to their break up. The second cd was and has been released and is called ‘Opposition’, which featured Esham and B-Legit. It was released to the world in June 2001 and re-released in 2004 as ‘Opposition v2’, which sold more than 15 thousand copies. With the streets buzzing and all the foot work the ‘Pathic Boys’ stayed hot in the streets and ahead of their game. MANN was also featured on the compilation cd ‘Guilty till proven Innocent’, which sold thousands of copy’s and was released by ‘2 real records’ out of Portland.

In summer of 2009 MANN released his 3rd cd, titled ‘HATED’. Yes I will add that this is his best work to date ask the thousands of followers who follow his work such as I. I personally had the chance to listen to the talent popping off my stereo speakers before I interviewed MANN in this interview by KJKEMANAGEMENT@ROCKECTMAIL.COM On the cd there are many talented artists that collaborated with MANN, that are from Detroit such as: Trick Trick, Al Nuke, Malik from the Cheddar Boys, Big Herk, Pathic Boys, Detroit Connection that consist of multiple record labels throughout Detroit  that came together to make history plus Detroit’s very own Foolish from fm 98 WJLD radio station. Productions by: Bosco, Helluva, Stack Boys, Marco Polo, Ghetti and Track Slammers. The musical geniuses MANN and the Pathic boys which MANN is apart of to date are recording their first cd together as a group since the split some time ago. That is entitled ‘Full bleed’, The Pathic Boys amongst other records labels out of the ‘D’ helped found ‘ Detroit Connection. And in the ending of this interview I will add: Be on the look out for Pathic very own member Truth’s cd: ‘Real Talk’. Plus ‘3hrd’ by Madcidsadour aka MANN With a movie that will follow the success of this very talented individual. (MANN). The movie is called K.A.R.M.A. Starring Pathic adding a DVD that is titled ‘Full Bleed’.  And please don’t forget about the clothing line for men and women all under ‘Metro Wealth Inc. (Homish, {for all} SADOUR {for men}, ADORE {for women}.

I want you all to know I had a good time with MANN on this interview and if your questions are not answered from this interview visit: or or email for out takes of this very interview. And as Mann would say “Act A Boss With It” Bye for now and have a good night.

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