Born in New York and raised in the South, as a Buddhist in the Tennessee Bible Belt, Mandara grew up facing much religious persecution. This ostracization soon became the foundation for her music. By age 16 she had already dedicated most of her young life to encouraging people through her voice. Mandara was invited by Pepsi two years in a row to sing at Freedom Hall with audiences numbering over 100,000 people, as well as the first and second World Peace Concert at the Beck Black Heritage Center, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.

Mandara’s early realization was to sing out, using the purity of her youth and the power of her legacy as the granddaughter of the heroic Imre Kovacs- leader of the People and freedom fighter, to charge into the culture and awaken the seeking spirit of those who have become bound in hopelessness. Wherever she sings people tell her she touches their inner lives and inspires them. Since she was 10 when a room full of rockers pounded the air with their fists for her, and when at 14 after her performance at the National Cherry Blossom Festival a Chinese family ran over to say how much she affected them; how different she was, or when just one Rolling Thunder member cried on her shoulder- Mandara has known what it feels like to provoke courage and create a bridge to their own future victories for those who listen.

As mentioned, Mandara is the granddaughter of Imre Kovacs, Hungarian Freedom Fighter, revolutionary, esteemed author, and Senior Editor of Radio Free Europe, who had established a democracy in Hungary, was threatened with execution by the authorities who felt his books provoked human rights, and escaped to America. He has a monument placed in Budapest and this year his biography was published. He would have become Prime Minister of his nation if he had lived. “My grandfather has always been a strong symbol for me and I carry his legacy close to heart,” says Mandara.

Mandara is unique in rock music because she writes and performs songs that speak out for the protection of our civil liberties, overcoming the intolerance of our times, and strive to provoke in her audience the strength to overcome all personal obstacles. Infused in her music is the determination to be catalystic; encouraging individuals who hear it to be courageous and spiritually free. Her music and its intent has been described in various published newspaper and magazine feature articles, a television feature, and Associated Press coverage. Each song she releases makes it to the top of independent music charts, two of which went to #1. Mandara states, “I have had fans from America and different countries throughout the world such as Greece, France, Israel, Germany, Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia, Norway, England, North Africa, and India contact me saying my music has impacted them greatly. One individual stated that one of my songs saved his life. This has thrilled me and sustains my determination.”

Mandara has experienced first hand the non-sleeping bigotry still fierce, hungry, and very much alive today. Her persona has grace and grandeur; her voice projects the power of her heart to uplift. Therefore, she has set out to reassure our nation and encourage the world, through the conviction, power, and enlightenment of Mandara, that from this moment on there can be a new beginning.


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