Born and raised in paris in the early 90s, manaré coly’s early musical education spanned everything from miles davis to warp record’s legend aphex twin. manaré got into production at the young age of 14, thanks to his elder brother, started deejaying at 16 and it wasn’t long before he played his first show at paris renowned nouveau casino.

After quickly establishing himself as one of the go-to djs of underground club music in paris he was put into contact with the clekclek crew around 2009 through his long-time friend and fellow label artist french fries. it wasn’t until 2012, however, that he dropped his critically acclaimed debut ep “quartz / down to dis”. although for simplicity’s sake you might describe Manarés sound as ghetto & uk influenced house & bass; that really doesnnt pin him down. his eclectic musical origins certainly still inform his selection today, reflected in wide variety of places he has been asked to play; from sao paulo to singapore, astana or new york.

With another ep out in Spring 2013 however, manarrs journey is really only just beginning.


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