Luisito Rosario


Luisito Rosario is an experienced salsa singer who is blessed with a beautiful voice, a charismatic and commanding stage presence, and Hollywood looks.

Luisito was born with a bang, and the fireworks that are common on the 4th of July.  He was raised in Hoboken, New Jersey, and now currently resides in Allentown Pa. where he is focusing on his singing career.  The proximity of New York City, across the Hudson River where salsa started in the sixties, influenced Luisito's formative years listening to all the salsa legends of the decade.  His appreciation for the greats of the era, especially the members of the Fania All Stars, along with his Puerto Rican roots, inspired Luisito to pursue a singing career in this genre of Latin music.

In 1996, the legendary Larry Harlow from the Fania All Stars hired Luisito Rosario to be lead vocalist for his orchestra.  It's been fourteen successful years, and they are still going strong.  They performed in Caracas, Venezuela to thousands of salsa lovers.  Luisito recorded "Tumba y Bongo" in 2002 for Larry Harlow's 35th anniversary CD where he, along with Mr. Nestor Sanchez recorded all the background vocals.  In 1996 Luisito joined the popular salsa band in New York City " Grupo Hechizo", and recorded lead vocals in their 1998 CD "Sin Limites" which charted in the Top Five of the New York City record pools.  Luisito toured the Caribbean Islands and the US as Hechizo's lead vocalist.  Luisito's popularity exploded in 1999 when he toured Europe, and the US with Los Hermanos Moreno..

Luisito teamed up with Mambo City Music LTD in 2001, and launched his first solo CD with "Jurame", showcasing his salsa roots. The CD included arrangements by Cuto Soto and Lucho Cueto, whom have arranged for Marc Anthony and Tito Nieves.  Luisito’s sophomore recording "RUMBA DEL BARRIO" showcases the type of salsa that's popular with the hardcore salseros. This new production includes Charanga, Son, Mambo, Guajira and just straightforward old school style salsa!  But very special to Luisito, was a song dedicated to the late queen of salsa CELIA CRUZ.  He also had the honor of singing this song to Celia's husband Pedro Knight on the highest rated morning show DESPIERTA AMERICA!!  "Rumba Del Barrio" was dedicated to all the salsa lovers of the world.

Now comes his latest production, "Casino Rueda", which not only promises to be his best, but will also pay homage to the classic sound of the "New York Salsa Era", as well as afford him the opportunity to finally become the "breakout" salsa star that he so readily deserves.  "Casino Rueda" will without a doubt reach the top of all salsa playlists worldwide, and will once again give salsa enthusiasts, and dancers alike, something to be excited about.  The CD will include three English tracks, three romantic tracks, and of course, four hard hitting "Salsa Dura" tracks.  "Casino Rueda" will feature the group "Croma Latina" from Italy, Salsa/R&B recording artist Nino Valentino, and arrangements by Tommy Villariny, Jose Madera, Julito Alvarado, Kevin Rodriguez, Emo Luciano, and Ronnie Amoros. Luisito Rosario’s "Casino Rueda" is the "cream of the crop", and truly reflects the passion and pride that this artist has shown and has given to his audiences for some time now, and most definitely, for years to come!


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