Luis Miolaro


The rise to great success with most top DJs starts with a dedication born out of an obsession for music. For Luis Miolaro, his story was no exception. Originally from Sao Paulo (Brazil), Luis started frequenting local clubs and was smitten with electronic music. "I remember my first time behind the DJ booth, the feeling completely changed my life." From there he went on to buy his first turntables and then a plane ticket to Los Angeles...

Luis arrived in L.A. December 2004 to pursue his dream of becoming one of the top DJs in the world. Since 2005, he has been playing the major clubs in the west coast and is currently the resident DJ for Made in Brazil. Luis is currently traveling the California Coast for MIBs Summer Tour and will be heading to New York and Miami at the years end. A 2011 Tour will include Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Spain (Ibiza) amongst to others.


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