Lucent Dossier


- Mainstage Touring Show complete with live band, singers, aerialists, dancers, acrobats and more - (30 to 60 minutes)
- Immersive Inter-active Shows (5 min - 90 min)
- Roaming, Inter-active performance art
- Sacred Service Ceremonies
- Ethereal Otherworldly Creatures
- Jesters and Clowns
- Burlesque Dancers
- Aerial Arts - Trapeze, Silk, Lyra, as well unique Lucent custom-made aerial apparatuses
- Contact Dance
- Little Elves
- Fire Dancers - fans, poi, staff, chain whip, wings, rope, fingres, double nun chucks, fire breathing, and fire eating
- Belly Dancers
- Contortionists
- Stilt Walkres
- Jugglers
- Hooper Girls
- Sword Swallower
- Little People
- Bearded Lady
- Human Sphere
- DJ's
- Lucent Trial Orchestra - Live Band with sitar, guitar, bass, drums, harp, violin, horns
- And other acts of magic and mayhem...What Lucent does best is create wonderlands for their guests to lose themselves in, so let them be your guide into a fantastical realm where brilliance and insanity fuse together in an exotic kind of ecstatic bliss.


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