Luca Fabiani


Luca Fabiani was born in Turin. After moving to Milan begins to play drums at 11 years and approaches to electronic music in 1995 attending clubs like Mazoom and Alterego: he follows the current Afro / experimental music proposed by djs like Marco Dionigi and Adrian Morrison.

Spends his days in the best record stores in the Milan scene buying a lot of vinyls labeled as "Underground Music" (Twisted, Nervous, Yoshitoshi, Ovum etc which has the first releases) and is also dedicated to the production of drumbeats. In 1998 he buys him first Roland (Mc - 505). He starts also to follow the goa trance scene playing in a lot of illegal rave parties, having fun and experimenting with new sounds.

In 1999 he returned to make club music after being in Ibiza and Mykonos. At the same time works in television as an assistant director and journalist. Job which left in 2002 after his first summer season in Ibiza: he starts doing the DJ profession after some promoters heard his music in some sessions in villas of the island. After this he starts to play at Pacha every Monday.

Since summer 2003 he played in an Ibiza underground party called "Come With Us" and at Space on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Begins play around Europe exporting his energy in the cabin. The sound followed the happy wave of Ibiza.

From 2004 he became resident guest of "Salvacion Ibiza" at "El Divino". He also plays at the closing and opening parties of Space Ibiza in the main room.

In 2009 comes out his first official records on "Motivo Records": "Mirror Of Time" and "My Yellow Train". Two minimal techno tunes supported by some djs around the world.

In 2011 he moved to Barcelona and became resident dj at one of the most important event of the underground scene": The "Club4" of Paco Osuna.

In 2012 with Stefano Lotti opens the "Equilibrium Lab" records and he starts to be A&R Manager of it.


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