Leslie Grace


Overflowing with great talent and the ability to adapt her voice to any musical style, Leslie Grace is ready to emerge into the Latin music scene as one of the most promising new voices in the genre. Leslie makes her musical debut with a bachata adaptation of one of the greatest songs of all time, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” by The Shirelles, a song that marked the beginning of a new era. Produced by Sergio George, the new version includes Spanish lyrics and showcases Leslie’s soulful vocal abilities. “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” hits the airwaves this summer and promises to be a smash hit.
Born in New York to Dominican parents and raised along with her five siblings, Leslie is the youngest of the family. She mumbled words to songs before she even learned to talk and by two, she was already giving her first performance in the family’s living room. With an evident talent flourishing at such a young age, Leslie’s parents agreed that the best thing to do for their daughter was to support and encourage her to pursue her singing career.

Since her elementary years in New York, Leslie has been enrolled in the music programs at her schools excelling in every class and play that she’s been in. Today, Leslie lives in Miami with her family; she’s a member of her high school choir, is learning how to play the piano and is mastering the art of reading music. Largely influenced by R&B music and artists like India Arie, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and La India, Leslie has widened her spectrum of music to great lengths in the last couple of years.

At the age of 14 she recorded her first album with the help of Richard Cepeda. She later met her friend, mentor, and producer Rey King who she continued working with steadily on other productions and since then has been developing and refining her writing skills. Dedication always pays off and for Leslie Grace, it was no exception. Just by chance, while at work, Leslie’s father was introduced to Angel Vasquez from Top Stop Music, the record label founded by Grammy-award-wining Latin music producer Sergio George and entrepreneur Gregory Elias. Luckily for Leslie, her father happened to have a copy of her album in the car that day. Coincidentally, Sergio and his team were looking for a female vocalist at the time. When they listened to Leslie’s album they knew that the search was finally over.

Sergio and his team picked up the phone and called the young and gifted singer/songwriter. Since then, they’ve been working together on her new album due out early 2013. In the studio, Sergio and Leslie are pure harmony; they listen, respect and value each other’s opinions. Along with Sergio, his team of producers and Rey King, Leslie has been able to capture and convey the message of love she always wanted to share with her own generation in a language they all understand… MUSIC.

Leslie’s first album will be released under Top Stop Music, one of the leading Latin independent labels in the U.S. The label boasts an array of talented and successful artists including triple platinum selling, Latin Grammy nominated Prince Royce, Toby Love and Salsa icon Luis Enrique amongst others.


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