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Leo Medina's love for music grew out of admiration for his big brother Pablo, an influential DJ in their hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. By the age of ten, Leo was sneaking into raves to watch Pablo perform. At fourteen, he was promoting house music at "matinee clubs”. While most college kids explore career options, Leo used his student Visa to put his musical background to the test in the United States. During his full time enrollment at Santa Monica City College, he maximized his potential outside of his studies. Leo began working for Los Angeles restaurant/nightlife mogul and fellow Argentinean, Adolfo Suaya.

Although Leo has always been ahead of his time musically, he faced several challenges breaking into the industry. The Los Angeles house music scene was still very underground. His status as a foreigner was not to his advantage. Other than birthday parties for his friends, he didn't have a platform to launch his brand of music. Undaunted, Leo would spend his free time frequenting the Avalon in Hollywood. There he studied the likes of Erick Morillo, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyke, and Tiesto.

His big break finally came when Suaya offered him a promotion managing

Hollywood's latest hotspot, a nightclub named Goa. Leo now had a venue to exhibit his vast talents. He found himself networking with, trading music, and perfecting his technique with some of Hollywood's biggest DJ's. A year later he opened Suaya's Bar Delux. As a co-creator of Musique Mondays at Bar Deluxe, Leo and residents DJ Vice and DJ Gusto joined forces in a most innovative fashion. The trio combined to help commercialize the house music scene in Los Angeles. Their influence remains present throughout the club scene today.

With residencies in Los Angeles, Texas, and South America, Leo is clearly

establishing his position as the one of the most sought after house DJ’s in Los Angeles. He is currently working on a double CD, "From LA To BA". The soon to be completed project will showcase his talents in both commercial Los Angeles and underground Buenos Aires house music.

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