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Legion of Doom


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Unique and extravagant are two ways of describing the phenomenon also known as Legion of Doom! Legion of Doom consists of Jorge Torres that plays nothing but the funkiest Tech House, Minimal and Techno. Better yet, Legion of Doom consists of two night monsters who can only find the true meaning of life in their natural habitat and that habitat is called music. The sounds of L.O.D will surely make your legs shake in anticipation to hit the dance floor and just let loose. Your mind will be tossed and turned as the musical bombs these guys drop course though your brain. Once you catch a glimpse of these two in action you will literally do a double take for you will not believe your eyes. Legion of Dooms signature look will leave its imprints in your minds far after you leave their sounds. As individuals they disappear behind the glow of their masks becoming creatures of the night that contaminate audiences with their groovy and upbeat style that will keep you guessing.

Anthony Carabotta and Jorge Torres were introduced to each other about three years ago through a friend who is also deeply rooted with music. Little did they know that something new and unique was about to commence. Their equal amount of love and passion for the music has been their only motivation to master the craft of keeping their audience moving.

With influences coming directly from the star line up of Djs that hit the streets of their home town Miami on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that L.O.D is quickly making a name for themselves in the Miami Scene. L.O.D has showcased their intense sets at the hottest venues such as Club Nocturnal, Mekka, Heathrow, and Dolce just to name a few. They are also residents of Undergroundradio.tv which hosts only the best underground music. They have also been part of the Spirit of Sounds E.D.M Festivals which take place every month in Miami and the crowd always goes into a frenzy when its time for Legion of Doom to go on stage.

When I took the liberty of asking L.O.D “what’s in it for you guys?” They laughed and responded by saying “There doesn’t have to be a reward, this is what we were born to do! We love to drop the funky beats and watch everyone jam!” With that said, there should be no question as to where their mindset is at. This is their passion and they anticipate hitting the road soon to fill distant rooms with unforgettable sounds. So the remaining question is: Are you ready for the sounds of Legion of Doom?


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