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The common link between Layo Paskin and Matthew Bushwacka! B is iconic underground DJ, producer, and remixer Mr. C. Bushwacka!, who began his career as a member of the rave DJ collective Ratpack, was drafted in by Mr. C as a trainee engineer in his London-based Watershed studio. There he had the privilege of working alongside future music heroes such as Derrick Carter, Stacey Pullen, and Juan Atkins. Now an established producer and DJ, Bushwacka! runs two labels -- Plank Records and Oblong -- records under the aliases Makesome Breaksome and Plantastic, and has released tracks on labels such as Kickin', Humboldt County, and The End.

In '93, Bushwacka! met Layo Paskin through Mr. C. Paskin was promoting the "Too Much Music" warehouse parties in and around London and he and Mr. C were planning a new nightclub (the award-winning The End) to further their future music tastes. A chance meeting in the studio between Layo and Bushwacka! led to the release of "Split Personality" on End Recordings, under the Usual Suspects guise. They soon reverted back to their real names for the release of "Nightstalkin" and "She Disrespek Me," also on End Recordings.

Now, Matthew Bushwacka! B and Layo Paskin are in a unique position. As residents jocks at The End, they are exposed to the best in house, techno, drum and bass, acid or breakbeat. Together -- as Layo and Bushwacka! -- they combine these musical influences to create a brand new underground sound. They capably fuse complex breaks, futuristic techno synth programming, and drum and bass samples at a dance floor-friendly house tempo. "Dead Man Walking," "Bad Old Good Old days," and "Deep South" (also licensed to Adam Freeland's new Marine Parade/Ultra compilation Tectonics) are three of the best tracks from the award winning Low Life full-length released in the U.K. on End Recordings and in the U.S. on Engine Recordings/Will Records.

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