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Electronic, House

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Laurent Wolf started is DJ carreer at the QUEEN in Paris in 1992 and become one of the resident for 10 years. In 1995 he decided to start producing with ‘’House Train’’ becoming number 1 in clubs in France for 3 weeks.

One year latter, his second record ‘’house scream’’ and the remis of C.I.E. became both number 1 in clubs. Finally in 2002 he partnered with Producer Christain Lester DARKNESS, AFRODYNAMIC & RITMODYNAMIC. His productions are really specific and reflect the musical choices of Laurent Wolf.

Today his different Labels produce 200.000 Vinyls sold around the world with world wide hits like Saxo and Calinda and more than 50 countries acquired his dynamique’s mises for the Dancefloors. Laurent Wolf is today recognize as one of the best DJ/producer House in the world. His Album ‘’Positive Energy’’ came out in July 2004 sold more than 60.000 copies in France and was number 1 of electro in summer 2004.

The launch of his new album ‘Hollyworld’’ in june 2006 make him now a DJ that you cannot miss in clubs. From the night clubs to the public proclamation, with no compromise and rhythm, Laurent Wolf is definitely an actor of the planet dance music.

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