Landis Lapace


Landis LaPace, a seventeen year old music producing protégé has been making music for about two years now. His early roots in music stretch back to his childhood where he started playing drums on a toy kit in his garage at the age of 3. A toy kit progressed to a full blown Tama drum kit with which he became an avid drummer and Landis' natural musical talent blossomed. At the age of thirteen he was listening to music of the likes of Dubstep, but then he came across the song One by Swedish House Mafia and feel in love with Progressive/Electro House as well as House/Tech House. From there he started making music on a friend’s computer who taught him the basics of FL Studio. After that he kept making tracks along the lines of Progressive/Electro/House while trying to develop his own style and thumbprint on his music, but also looking to artists like Mat Zo and Crazibiza for inspiration.


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