La Musique D'ordinateur


On Thursday, May 16, we in The Bus Music Club La Musique d?? Ordinateur, accompanied by Plan B and Niskerone.

La Musique d?? Ordinateur have broken new ground in the national electronic scene, climbing the charts conrapidez major inusitadamenteel EDM and attracting interest from international artists (Skrillex, TheBloodyBeetroots, Congorock, FarTooLoud ...)

They are hunters who do not understand closures. For quite some three constant harassment and demolition añosen sounds like rock rebels? 'N'? Roll andthe electro-bass.Sus performances are more than just a DJ set Aluso. They hide their faces behind an inverted triangle icon reconociblepara any of his followers. Lights, smoke, stage-diving, essential sonelementos his elaborate show and staging. So much bleeding beats, guitars, lights synthesis and not for wide accolades.

They enjoy outstanding remixes for artists like Void Camp, LimpBizkit, crystalcastles or ACDC. They have released EP?? S as Hoover EP (KiezBeats - Germany), which included the participation of IKKI (TheZombieKids) and Pelussje (Freakz Me Out). Also Revolver EP (Onion Records - Italy), with remixes of Andy'siLL (Dimmak) yNadisko (Tuff'em up). Currently working on a first album.

With them we will have Plan B and Niskerone.

Plan B is one of the assets DJsmás competitive always Valencian scene. Considered one of the greatest exponents of culture mash-up of this country, when pierced as to produce, their style could be described as a mix between the two ManyDJs selector imagination and technique of DJ AM.

Niskerone, already known by the regulars of The Bus Music Club, is to introduce some of his unmistakable bass music sets.


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