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A Seattle producer going by the name Kumarion just unleashed his debut EP, titled The Incantation. Released on Play Me Records, this EP is guaranteed to get you moving from start to finish!

The Incantation is primarily a drum & bass recording, which seems to be Kumarion’s go-to based on past works. But his latest EP is also infused with elements of trap and dubstep. All of this is mixed into Middle-Eastern styled melodies that bring a mystical Egyptian theme to the forefront. Judging by the awesome album cover — with a depiction of the Egyptian god Anubis — this is exactly what Kumarion was going for, and he pulls it off perfectly.

Leading the EP is a self-titled track that sounds more trap and dubstep than anything else. With its high-octane basslines and Middle-Eastern influence, The Incantation is a great demonstration of what’s to come. And for those looking for quintessential Kumarion drum & bass, look no further than the second track Lilith.

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