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Kristina Pupo


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A torn piece of notebook paper was taped to the door, on it “Sunshine Studios” was scribbled in magic marker. And perhaps unknowingly, I began my journey as a recording artist right there in my bedroom at the bold age of six.

Kristina Pupo is one of those rare artists who found her passion and gift for music at an extraordinarily young age. By the time she was in high school, she had already written and recorded her own songs, often times playing all of the instruments.

A Florida native, Kristina relocated to Los Angeles, CA. in 2005 in order to pursue her love for music and film in a broader market. She graduated from Columbia College Hollywood, and has often combined her music, performance and filmmaking skills in her dynamic live performances and video. This unique combination of talents is one of the many things that set this rising star apart from the myriad of female singer/songwriters on the music scene today.

While Kristina is considered a pop music artist, she separates herself from the masses by writing her own music, lyrics, and playing a variety instruments. Her sound is sultry, eclectic, and soulful; often blending funky pop melodies with deeply personal, poetic lyrics.

“My greatest musical influence, oddly enough, is not a musical artist, explains Kristina. “It is people; living in the world, analyzing behavior, observing humanity and holding on to a faith in humanity. I have seen corruption and love in the same day, every day. This is where my music comes from.”

In addition to countless live performances throughout the Los Angeles area over the past three years, Kristina recently directed and released the steamy music video for her forthcoming single “Hey Sexy…” The video highlights Kristina’s ingenuity as a musician, performer and visual artist.

Currently, as of April 14th 2010,  Kristina has released her first full length CD, titled  Things I never Say.   The highly anticipated album is now available on  Itunes and Amazon.com. Kristina Pupo is currently working on her latest video “Sweat,” which was filmed in Los Angeles this March. KP still resides in New York City.


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