Kings of Class (Tsunami & Bobby De Maria)


Once upon a time, two of the classiest young gents from Chicago set out on a daring journey into the mystical land of electronic dance music. The fellows, while known separately as Tsunami & Bobby De Maria have over the years been hard at work, crusading across Chicago and many other neighboring kingdoms such as Miami, San Francisco, Milwaukee, Portland, Detroit, New Orleans, Indianapolis and Seattle. After having a slight drink from the goblet of success, these two young knights have now deemed it necessary to join forces and launch their biggest campaign on the EDM scene to date. Thus, The Kings Of Class are born.

The Kings Of Class have been working together in the electronic dance music scene under the individual aliases of Tsunami & Bobby De Maria for close to 5 years. During this time, they have shared the stage and toured with some of the genre's biggest acts, co-founded Chicago and Portland based entertainment group "United2Nite", created the international clothing and music tour brand "House Music Saved My Life" and have released original tracks and remixes on labels such as Hatrax Recordings, Movement Music, Murky Beatz Recordings & Sheeva Records. Keep a lookout for when the Kings Of Class invade your city soon!


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