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Music is life. Undisputed ... as any good “DJ” mix tells a story ... Kimberly St. John’s story does more than just impress the EDM world with her DJ sets -- she herself represents versatility albeit with West Coast-style; from sexy chill-out lounge to San Diego’s deepest underground with edge, class, style, flare, and above all - never succumbing to compromises.

From 1998 to 2002 she held the position of 'Artists and repertoire' (A&R) for Offworld Music in Los Angeles and represented electronic music producers such as The Digital Assassins and Nynex. During this time, she began Djing with her longtime friend and mentor, music producer Omar Santana, where she learned all of the in's-and-out's of DJing -- some of the best advice, she recalls, is being told to “know your records, know your records, know your records.”

In 2001 she hosted a TV show called GROOVETV, interviewing a vast array of musicians and DJs including big guns like: Perry Ferrell, The Crystal Method, BT, Deep Dish, Donald Glaude, Carl Cox, Colette, and many more.

Being a DJ is great benefit to one like Kimberly with a fervent, devoted passion towards playing versatile EDM sounds . . . her live sets are a direct reflection of the vibe of the moment – each one is unique, spontaneous, and free styled to the mood of the crowd.

At the same time, refusing to merely be the “jukebox DJ” rather, Kimberly stands solid in the creative process within reason - sensitive to how the crowd is feeling . . .yet doing so via educating and bringing people new live “experiences.”. . . she believes music must be “seen and heard.”