Kid Nemesis


In every matter of life music is the key to living for Kid Nemesis. He prides himself on his ability to continuously put forth a unique and creative sound. With age being no factor in this young man's life, he is able to compete  with veteran DJ/producers which has propelled him to have a career most his age haven’t yet obtained. At age 14 he achieved his first major residency, where he found himself performing for crowds nearly twice his age. Regardless of how far he has come, his love for music has enabled him to seamlessly penetrate musical genres And create a style and sound for the future. He has captivated crowds with his energetic shows and tenacity to make his own individual sound in such a short time that local Orlando radio hosts dubbed him the "Rookie of the Year."

Performing at some of Central & South Florida's most exclusive hotspots for night life, he innovated a unique and individual way of thinking and producing music. His sound is a melting pot of diverse musical genres and time periods. With his need to invest the love he had for music into the parties he entertained, he broke the barriers for what was once expected in a  nightclub DJ. "...a party is a party no matter what music you're playing or what you call the style. To me the energy and feeling each individual song gives off is far more important than whether it's the top Hip-Hop song or a Disco Classic" -Kid Nemesis-

Living the nightlife scene and experiencing an exhilarating time most have in their early  20’s, Kid Nemesis was still in 10th grade. How was a teenager able to keep adolescence and his love for mixing at a balance? One path could lead him down university lane where he would enjoy being a teenager and grow up to be part of the business world. The other would send him streaming Into the highway of an adulthood, full of new adventures and bumps at every turn. His fate was a gambling toss up and the choice was his. While waiting for the bus at school  he noticed he was stepping on a playing card. Ironically as it seems it was the only card in sight and it turned out to be the king of clubs face card. The king of clubs to him,  signified that he needed to fulfill his musical adoration and continue taking the journey of being KID NEMSIS.

Nowadays Kid Nemesis performs in all the most prestigious nightclubs in Florida. From Orlando to Tampa and Naples to Miami, he has set a new standard for DJ's yet to come. From the moment he steps foot into the booth and the needle hits the record Kid Nemesis prides himself in making each set unique in its own way.  His future endeavors include international  events in Europe and producing his individual sound. Kid Nemesis has set himself to achieve and keep the title as …

" The King of Clubs ."


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