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Hip hop hasn't evolved drastically in some time, and with all the new comers making catchy and infectious records for a quick ring tone sell, there's a lack of creativity in hip hop and the focus is more about how many units can be sold. Every generation a few new artist's come forth with something to set a pace for a whole new sound and vibe this time around, the midwest delivers another innovative artist to break down barriers and set trends.

K.i.D CuDi's music can only be described as the next level of music in our generation and for generations to come. Cudi (originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but spent the last 3 years living in Brooklyn) fuses alternative rock, hip hop and occasionally R & B, to form feel good and emotionally conscious records. His content is filled with witty explanations about himself and his lifes journeys, with a twist of story telling scenerios.His first single 'Day N Nite' is nothing more than a conscious awareness record about his faults and how he deals with them. I'm sure everyone has been in at least one or two of the scenerios I mentioned in 'Day N Night'. It was a record designed to let the people out there know hey, we all have issues. But there's ways to get through and there's always a brighter day ahead filled with answers to the toughest situations; we all get lonely sometimes, its life. With every record, especially 'Day N Nite', CuDi vows to put his heart into each record, so after hearing each song you can feel like you actually know him. People like records they can relate to, even if you can't relate to something I speak about, you'll at least understand my mind, I won't lose anyone. Even if they haven't walked in my shoes, they'll feel me for me.

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