Since 2003, the Keyrats have quickly become one of Miami’s most sought out local bands known for producing upbeat punk rock, latin funk and reggae infused rhythms, a reflection of their diverse backgrounds. Keyrats fans have quickly spread from their island neighborhood, Key Biscayne, to young adults all across the country. “Music like that…they don’t even need a record label” Sony BMG Executive.

Currently, the Keyrats are in the studio preparing for the recording of their sophomore album, a follow-up to their debut LP, “Don’t Panic.” You can catch them playing live shows at venues around the City of Miami and traveling to different cities within the Sunshine State.

Some notable performances by the Keyrats include shows at Mansion, B.E.D., Grove Isle, Cefalo's, Boardwalk Tavern, PS-14, Flavour, Oxygen Lounge, Bolero, Transit Lounge, Honey, Bayside Hut, Jewells and a twelve-city tour in 2006 along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Keyrats aren’t simply a band fusing melodic reggae, latin funk and heavy punk rock. They represent a lifestyle, echoing their experiences of growing up .. Biscayne in the beautiful city of Miami. Keep your eyes and ears open for some fresh, new sounds from your favorite band.


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