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As youngster Kèvim grew up in Newark, Nj with a strong Portuguese background. Listening to everything from Hip-hop to Uk garage, music became a part of his everyday lifestyle. Always with a walkman in his jacket, tip toeing his way around the city so his CDs won't scratch.

While time passed he started experimenting with other styles and sub-genres where he first met techno. At 15 he got himself his first fake ID and didn't wait any longer to use it. Later that night he went to his first real party at Pacha NYC to here the legend himself Jonathan Peters!

It was from there on out he started building his collection. From digital to vinyl, even cassette tapes he found from Exit before his time. Nothing was passing by this kid.

He then pursued further knowledge by attentending Dubspot NYC on w14th St finishing with a degree in audio engineering.

Evolving was a major step with idles such as Ricardo Villalobos, Danny Tengalia, Dewalta & many more. He then looked for a distinct sound to base his music on. Gig after gig he accomplished major progress showcasing his tunes at Pacha NYC, Bliss, XL, & many underground gatherings.

To sum things up, this is definitely the candidate to look out for. Ohh yeah, I almost forgot; he has a passion for digging..!

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