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Keoki is the most visible DJ on the mainstream U.S. dance scene. He released a half-dozen mix LPs and, beginning with 1997's Ego Trip, his own breakbeat-trance productions as well. Keoki has played in venues around the world always bringing a style of music only a superstar could play. His fan base is very loyal and recognizes him as a self made musician.

After releasing several mixtapes during the early '90s, Keoki gained a licensing deal through Moonshine Music and debuted with a volume in the label's Journeys by DJ series in 1994. Several more mix albums followed during the next two years, with Keoki spotlighting his love of deep trance on 1995's All Mixed Up and cultivating a sense of humor on the following year's Disco Death Race 2000. Though he released his fourth mix LP in 1996 as well, Keoki had already decided to pursue a different path, with the release of his first own-production single, "Caterpillar". The single crested at number three on the dance charts and earned him a spot on that summer's Lollapalooza circuit.

After a move from New York to Southern California, Keoki began work on his production debut album, and released Ego-Trip in July 1997. Always one to stay at least a step ahead of expectations, Keoki returned in 1998 with another mix LP plus an album of Ego-Trip Remixes (from the Crystal Method, Rabbit in the Moon, Omar Santana and Cirrus, among others). Djmixed.com followed in 2000 and was chased by the full-length album Jealousy a year later. The limited edition of the album includes remixes and unreleased tracks.

Just three years ago, Hollywood produced a major motion picture inspired by the events of Disco 2000. Shortly afterwards, a world awareness of the club scene in New York City, the originality of club kids and most importantly the awareness of the music was now spread to the mass. As depicted in the motion picture; Disco 2000 was the launch of Superstar DJ Keoki's career and the dawning of an era of a cross-country DJ. Moreover; this movie features several original tracks produced by Keoki available on the Party Monster soundtrack album.

Keoki is currently working on his latest album anticipated to be released 2007. He resides in both New York and Las Vegas and has several projects he is working on a weekly basis. Stay tuned for more information.


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