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Keith Evan is a well rounded DJ / event entrepreneur establishing multiple world wide respected events as well as pioneering the deep house movement in Las Vegas. Keith also specializes in brand development with the house music scene. Some of the notable establish brands include House Society, Soundbar, Ambassadors, Taste, and Mi Casa Es Su Casa.

Keith Evan has played a major role in the deep house community throughout the US dating back to the early 90’s. Most notably the past 11 years where he lived in Las Vegas and helped pioneer the deep house movement along side partner Carlos Sanchez in which those two formed the House Society Crew. Under the House Society umbrella they created the first solely deep house event back in April 2001 titled “Soundbar”. Their event has broke many artists within their genre into the Las Vegas arena. Soundbar currently is a one-off event and is approaching their 11 year anniversary at the Marquee Nightclub inside the Cosmopolitan with Joey Negro.

On the national and international stage Keith has partnered with Julius Spates aka Julius The Mad Thinker in 2009 with the Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday, which takes place every year on Columbus Day weekend in beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Three years in and it has already proven to be a main stake in the festival type engagements. Together they tour throughout the year in building awareness for the Mi Casa Holiday community. Currently you can catch them in Los Angeles, New York {Cielo}, Detoit{DEMF}, Miami{WMC}, Atlanta[HITP}, Philadelphia{SUNDAE}and Costa Rica.

In addition Keith also does the Ambassador series which rooted in Miami at WMC in 2008 as the official closing event on the last Sunday of WMC. He partners along side Rob Paine of Worship Records/Philadelphia in this project. This too has evolved to other cities including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Keith is now residing back in Los Angeles where he is originally from after 11 years of relentless work in Las Vegas. “It was just time to go. I felt I had done everything I could as far as providing Las Vegas with a legitimate and internationally respected platform for deep house. It was a long but fun journey and we did it the right way. We built a foundation and took it to the top. We proved a lot of people wrong and were able to put deep house on the biggest stage and biggest marquees. I feel blessed as I always felt I got there at the right time. It goes to show when you put the music first anything is possible. Now I am putting my energy into new projects as Mi Casa and Ambassadors and most importantly in the studio. This is my focus.”

Some credits to be noted, Keith was voted “Best Resident DJ In Las Vegas in 2009” by the Las Vegas Weekly Magazine. Keith also completed a U.S. and French Tour for his CD release on Kinkysweet’ Habitat Collection titled “Twilight”. This installment was released worldwide and received an overwhelming response. He has played in some of the best deep house events in the US including Sublevel with Doc Martin, Salted with Miguel Migs, Cielo and Turntables on the Hudson with Nickodemus to name a few.

This grounded individual before you not only shows great passion, knowledge, and patience, but incredible resilience to push house music to a community desperately in need. His pioneering in the Las Vegas arena has taken notice around the globe. "I feel like we as a community finally scraped the surface of what we can do together. Personally speaking, I feel the same about where I am going. All of these dedicated years have brought me to this point. I am so excited about the future for Las Vegas and for the future of my career. It is about the music first and it will always be about the music first. Those values I have learned and my faith in God are the primary reasons for my success."


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