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Kalwi (Krzysztof Kalwat) i Remi (Remi Pospiech) have worked in show business for a few years as radio presenters. They met in autumn of 2003 in RMI FM radio in Poznan (Poland). At the time they were carrying out popular programmes for young people based on club music. They were the first in this part of Europe to play on the radio exactly the music that could be heard only in the best clubs. Their work was so similar that it was a natural either to compete or to join forces. They chose the second option and this is how a duet of Kalwi & Remi was created. The guys conceived the idea of meeting with their listeners on Saturday nights in the biggest and the best clubs. This way they've become djs to whose parties came thousands of people. Kalwi & Remi who were more and more fascinated with trance music, have tried their hand in the record studio. Their joint ideas and a help of the radio colleague with excellent voice gave an incredible effect. Their first album called 'Explosion' has become a clubs and radio stations' hit all around Poland. The 2004 has brought several successful performances, but the most important event was Viva Club Rotation in Leszno, where Kalwi & Remi performed as a support before Tiesto (21.07).

In the middle of the 2005 the 'Kalwi & Remi In The Mix' record was released as a compilation containing 72 minutes of mixed trance music, that promotes the best Polish producers.

Their presence in medias, brand new hit 'Independence' and many successful performances in clubs have brought a great popularity to the team of Kalw i& Remi in whole Poland and opened the doors to western market. 12 January 2006 German label Trinity Musix released a vinyl record including 'Independance' and 'Explosion' that bore fruit with the interest of many foreign radio stations with these tracks (for example the presence on Sunshine Live Radio playlist). At present the duet conducts a prestigious programme 'Kalwi & Remi Show' in Kiss Fm radio, which thanks to the Internet broadcast, has gained more and more popularity in different parts of the world (www.kissfm.pl, Sunday 6 - 9 pm). Their current plan is to release an album 'Always in Trance' that will consist of 8 new tracks and 4 remixes of the already known hits.


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